June Bugged

I’m trying to figure out who or what sucks the most tonight in the wake of a disgusting 8-5 loss to the miserable Bucs. Let’s see there’s blowing a five-run lead, not getting more than a hit after the third, and J.J. Putz. I think I’ll go with Putz as sucking the most out there tonight, but I am heartened that he’s working on his delivery. Working out nicely for him. As dead as the lineup went after inning three, you really shouldn’t need more than five runs to beat Pittsburgh.

Pretty obvious that Putz is ailing (at least I have to hope this accounts for his misery), so I’m just wondering why he had to stay in after it became 5-4 w/ one out. Then it was 5-5 and 6-5, and I thought, “Well, yeah, I’d been willing to see if Rodriguez can get five outs!!! JMAN, doing his best impersonation of a previous president, thought: “Stay the course.”

Tell me you weren’t flying high when we took Snell apart (he definitely sucks) and were up 5-0! OMG. I felt confident that Livan would cruise; he didn’t, and that it was finally going to be one of those evenings where I could relax on the couch and start to lightly occupy my mind with tomorrow’s agenda. I’d called a friend, saying how beautiful it was to watch Mets contributing from all corners-F-Mart, Reed, Schneider, Valdez (El Exigente!). Yeah, right.

Now we’ve dug ourselves a hole in Pitt. Just crazy, God-D#M(ed Ratzafrackarizizzirazz Crazy to lose this game. I’m seething. Good Night.