Who’s Up For Some Subway Foot Longs?

Is it just me, or did you also wake up with a craving for a Subways meatball sub this morning?

Step aside Jared, Subways has a new spokesman and his name is Daniel Murphy.

Last night, Murphy sold more five-dollar foot longs than Jared has in the last 12 months.

With the score tied 3-3, Murphy launched a shot that disappeared into the bright yellow Subway $5 Foot-long sign in rightfield, and was originally ruled in play and resulted in Gary Sheffield being thrown out at home plate.

But after Jerry Manuel walked to speak to the umps, the baseball gods intervened once again and after an umpires review, the call was reversed in the Mets favor and ruled a homerun.

“The key element in the play was, the yellow sign out there is light colored and the ball was slicing, coming down hard and all of a sudden the ball disappears in the sign, which makes it very difficult for us,” crew chief Larry Vanover said.

“We took all the information from the crew consultation and from the replay and that’s how we came up with our answer. When you look at the replay, you can see the ball does disappear in the yellow sign and it does change direction.”

Thanks to the original call being overturned, the Mets were now in front 5-3 and they never looked back.

The homerun capped a big night for Murphy and Subway.

For Murph it was part of a career high, five RBI game and hopefully it put his prolonged slump (.155 in May) behind him.

Thankfully, Ron Darling and Chris Carlin had no say in the matter as both were adamant that the umpires made a bad call.

The Mets are now 5-0 on replay reviews this season and all of them have benefited the Mets.

Johan Santana also benefited as the reversed call put him in the win column and improved his record to 7-2.

Eat fresh!

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