What The Hell Was Manuel Thinking??

First, we should all be happy today because the Mets took three out of four games against the Giants, including a big win against Tim Lincecum and another win on a night that Johan Santana clearly didn’t have it.

With that said, I’m frustrated that we didn’t walk out of there with a four game sweep, just like the Phillies who got a four game sweep against the Nationals.

It’s losses like these that can drive somebody to drink. It’s decisions like the one Manuel made last night in the eighth inning that can have you screaming at the top of your lungs at the TV like a raving lunatic.

With the bases loaded and the Mets down by just two runs, I was feeling good knowing that Dan Murphy was up next against Giants lefty Jeremy Affeldt.

Normally in this kind of a situation, especially this late in the game, you might elect to pinch hit for the left handed Daniel Murphy, but Murphy is different in that he rakes against southpaws. Mind you, I said he rakes!

Daniel Murphy is hitting .357 against LHP this season, and .371 for his career.

So, here we go… game on the line… a victory clearly in our sights.. and what does Jerry Manuel elect to do?

He sends up the recently activated Angel Pagan to pinch hit for Daniel Murphy, and the dream scenario was suddenly transformed into a predictable  inning ending double play. <insert expletive here>

You could almost hear Steve Phillips snickering as Pagan strides to the plate and Murphy put his bat back into the bat rack.

What in the world was Jerry thinking? How could he have possible screwed this up as badly as he did?

Angel Pagan had had just one freaking at-bat since May of 2008… ONE AT-BAT!

So what did Manuel have to say about it afterward?

“I don’t think Murphy is swinging quite as well now,” Manuel said. “I don’t see the quick hands.”

How in the world did he determine that Angel Pagan had quicker hands (as he put it) than Murphy, when Pagan has had just one previous at bat?

Chalk this up as the 5th loss of the season that had Jerry Manuel’s finger prints all over the murder weapon.

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