What a Difference the Calendar Makes

So after starting the season 9-12 in April and looking like a mistake-prone bunch of overpriced players who can’t hit or pitch in the clutch, our Mets have gone 9-2 in May and sit in first place today at 18-14, a game ahead of the Phillies and 1.5 games ahead of Florida.  I think we all kept wondering how long the law of gravity could keep the Mets down with all this talent, and with a team leading the league in batting and close to it in pitching.  But I for one was going all glass-half-empty, thinking that they just didn’t have that fire to win.


Now, I think we all have reason to feel good.  It’s not like the problems have gone away, they’ve just been covered up by the fact that the starting pitching has been suddenly very good, including quality starts from guys named Hernandez and Niese.  Pelfrey and Maine are coming around, and Johan is Johan, despite receiving miniscule run support (and I do mean miniscule).  The bullpen has been adequate, despite Sean “Heilenweis” Green.  And last night was the culmination of good, a late inning comeback where Carlos Beltran had the patience to take ball 4 and bring in the winning run against our nemesis Braves. 


And here is one more thing to ponder…when is the last time we had a lineup in which every starter was over or close to .300?  The Mets always seem to have a bunch of slugging .265 hitters, but not this year. 


I know this team has so much talent, and it’s great to finally see it play out on the field.  But part of me is afraid that they’re not as bad as they were in April, nor are they as good as they’ve shown in May.  But damn, it sure is more fun to be winning.