Were You Inspired when Martinez Stepped to the Plate?

Ramon Martinez…The Joke’s On Us 

I know, even if we had tied, who would then go on to play short in the bottom of the ninth? If that’s the rationale, we’re all in deep doo-doo.

Nutty as it may be, I kind of thought the consensus was not to get swept in L.A.If I were to advise Jerry Manuel, I’d say, “Jerry, don’t you think it would be a great idea to put up Sheffield w/ Pagan on base and two men out?” Actually, call me crazy, but I’m thinking put up just about any warm body in the dugout other than Ramon Martinez in that situation. Oh, boy!

 So if Reyes is gone for a while, are we seriously faced with Martinez as the understudy?!

 J.J., tonight you were a first-class Putz, and where I’m from in Queens that’s not a Michigan-style compliment (Yeah, we’re all trying to keep in mind it’s “Putts”). How about you find some adrenaline to go with the excess baggage you’re carrying to the mound, chubby!

Oh but I forgot the highpoints:

Livan you were good, ol’ fella, and Daniel Murphy, you sure did look better as a first baseman than a Lfer. I am hoping that the move has not traumatized to the point where you’ve forgotten how to hit a baseball.

Can’t wait to get to Boston.