Spirit of ’86

Whenever the Mets and Red Sox square off in their rare interleague meetings, even a casual Mets fan can’t help but think of the 1986 World Series.  Their seven-game showdown was one for the ages, culminating in the World Championship trophy being brought to Shea.  During this weekend’s interleague series between the Mets and Sox, I’ve been reliving many cherished memories of that Fall Classic.  Those memories have inspired me to write a poem about our beloved team (which of course, had to be 108 lines long to commemorate the amount of regular seasons victories accumulated by the team).  Don’t worry, younger fans.  My thoughts on the current Mets are presented in the poem as well.  They might be difficult to locate, but trust me.  You’ll find it in your “initial” guess.  Without further ado, I present to you “Spirit of ’86”:

Many a player have come and gone
Each one had their own appeal
Talent has always been around
Shea Stadium and now Citi Field
It all started with Tom Seaver
No pitcher was quite like him
Once he became the ace of the staff
He pushed the Mets over the brim
Next generation brought Darryl and Doc
In the farm system they were raised
Nineteen eighty-six was here
Every game we were amazed

Mex and Kid were the veterans
Enlisted to lead the way
The staff was the best in the majors
Swings and misses were the order of the day
It led to a division title
Next was the NLCS
Overcoming Mike Scott and his splitter
He certainly gave them a test
Not once, but twice he beat the Mets
In Houston and in New York
No worries…the Mets were confident
Eventually popping the cork

Moving on to the World Series
Every player focused on that dream
The Red Sox were the next challenge
Stopping them was tougher than it seemed
In losing to Hurst and Clemens
New York was down two-zip
Onward they trekked to Boston
Hoping Fenway wouldn’t be their last trip
Nails led off Game Three
Intent on getting the Mets ahead
Not only did he get to first base
Every base was touched instead

Mets magic seemed to have returned
Everyone breathed a sigh of relief
The Mets were able to return to Shea
Surviving on skill and belief
Into extra innings they went
Nine innings hadn’t settled a thing
On came the Red Sox centerfielder
Henderson changed things with one swing
Not satisfied with just one run
Insurance was called upon
Now an extra run made it 5-3
Enabling the Sox to party on

Many rallies had happened before
Eighty-six had them all the time
This hill was a little different
Steeper than most to climb
In stepped Wally Backman
Needing to get on base
One lazy fly out later
Hernandez stepped up to the plate
Nothing could faze Keith
Intense was his style of play
Nonetheless, he also flied out
Even optimists were nervous at Shea

Make way for Gary Carter
Ending the game was not on his mind
Taking his time, he got a base hit
Shea’s mojo arrived just in time
It was now up to Kevin Mitchell
Not giving up without a fight
Over the shortstop’s head he stroked it
Hit! Two on for Ray Knight!
Now Ray had made an error before
It allowed the Sox to tie the game
No pitch was going to get by him
Eventually the run-scoring hit came

Mookie then came up to hit
Expecting to get the job done
Then the unbelievable happened
Stanley uncorked a wild one
In came Gary Carter
Now the game was tied
One more chance for Mookie
He wouldn’t be denied
Nine pitches…still fouling them off
In came pitch number ten
Nubber up the first base line
E-3! Mets win again!

Miracles surely happen
Even when all appears lost
The seventh game still had to be won
So the finish line could be crossed
It started a little shaky
No fan liked how they played
Of course, these were the ’86 Mets
Hence no one should’ve been afraid
Ninth inning was almost over
In Jesse Orosco we trust
No way would the Mets be denied
Even Boston knew that much!

Marty Barrett was their last hope
Every Mets fan was on their feet
Then came strike one, then strike two
Strike three! The dream was complete!
It started with a division title
NL Champs came next
Over seven thrilling Fall Classic games
Hearts beating out of our chests
New York was on top of the baseball world
In dominating style
Nineteen Eighty-Six World Champs
Every moment was worthwhile!

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Ed Leyro was hatched in the Bronx, but spent most of his youth in Queens at Shea Stadium. Apparently, all that time spent at Mets games paid off as Ed met his wife (The Coop) for the first time at Citi Field during its inaugural season. Guess the 2009 season was good for something after all. In addition to his work at Mets Merized Online, Ed also owns, operates and is head janitor at Studious Metsimus, where he shares blogging duties with Joey Beartran. For those not in the know, Joey is a teddy bear dressed in a Mets hoodie. Clearly, Studious Metsimus is not your typical Mets blog.