Random Thoughts On Our Crazy Lineup

Just got a glimpse at today’s lineup against the Red Sox and to say I’m worried would be an understatement.

  1. Daniel Murphy – 1B
  2. Ryan Church – RF
  3. Carlos Beltran – DH
  4. Gary Sheffield – LF
  5. David Wright – 3B
  6. Jeremy Reed – CF
  7. Omir Santos – C
  8. Ramon Martinez – SS
  9. Luis Castillo – 2B

(UPDATED LINEUP – Thanks Brooklyn’s Own!)

I know that Jerry Manuel needed to be creative because Jose Reyes is out of commission for today, but come on Jerry are you serious?

Give me one good reason why any pitcher would throw David Wright a fastball with Reed hitting behind him?

Jeremy Reed batting sixth followed by Omir Santos, Ramon Martinez and Luis Castillo?

Our table-setters are Dan Murphy and Ryan Church who are hitting a combined .096 in the last ten games?

Play one of those guys up top if you have to, but not both of them. I’d go with Murphy at number two because he takes more pitches.

Here is how I would have played it.

  1. Angel Pagan – LF (He’s making great contact, has good speed and is a better choice for number one.)
  2. Daniel Murphy – 1B
  3. Carlos Beltran – CF
  4. David Wright – 3B  (You gotta bat Wright cleanup in this series, you just gotta!)
  5. Gary Sheffield – DH (Wright needs some sort of protection, and Jeremy Reed Could send Wright into a slump!)
  6. Ryan Church – RF
  7. Ramon Castro – C (I’d rather have Castro’s power at Fenway as opposed to Omir’s speed.)
  8. Ramon Martinez – SS
  9. Luis Castillo – 2B
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