Mets Played Hardball Last Night and Third Time Was A Charm

Last night was a coming out party for the Mets, in what was probably their most significant loss umm win of the season.

The old Mets, you know the ones without any grit, would have lost the game last night and today we’d all be screaming and hollering about all the missed opportunities, runners left on base, and shoddy defense. And I’d be the one screaming the loudest.

But last night, that was a different team on the field. The Mets were aggressive and willing to risk everything for a victory. This pleased the baseball gods very much and with a wave of their mighty hands they transformed a would-be loss into a certain victory.

So where was all the grit and new found aggression I speak of?

There were three key moments that saw the Mets tempt fate and though they failed the first two times, they were greatly rewarded, perhaps unjustly, the third time. It really was a charm.

1. David Wright tags up on a shallow flyball and is thrown out at the plate even with a great slide. Wright saw a chance and he took it. It didn’t work out, but it clearly showed his mettle.

2. Jose Reyes drives in two with a long double, but is thrown out at third base trying to stretch it into a triple so he could score on a flyball. Again, it didn’t work, but this was the Jose Reyes we’ve been waiting for all season. This is exactly the Jose Reyes the Mets need to win this division and go all the way. His hustle will be rewarded ten-fold if he keeps this up.

3. Carlos Beltran grimaced when he saw David Wright get called out and fail to drive him in. So Beltran took matters into his own hands. He took off for third base and was called safe much to the dismay of Chipper Jones. It was the turning point of the game and clearly showed Beltran has a bigger heart than the tin man. The only motivation Beltran had was to win the game, and win the game the Mets did.

Lets just hope that these new Mets stick around for a while… I can really get used to seeing hardball being played again in Flushing.

Keep on believin’.

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