An Open Letter to Philly Fans

Dear Philly fans,

After seeing John Gonzalez’s letter to Mets fans in the Philadelphia Inquirer, I felt a response was necessary. Okay, we get it, you won the World Series. You’re the best team in baseball and nobody can take that away from you until October. Now the Phillies have won as many World Series in 127 years as the Mets did in 46 seasons.

As a rivalry is renewed this weekend, I would like to remind you that the Mets beat the best team in baseball eleven times to seven last year. Okay, so the Mets got off to a 10-12 start, but quite frankly, I’d rather go 7-10 in my first 17 games than in my last 17 games.

I’d also rather have my best player be in a slump now than in September. Going back to 2007, our best player was in arguably the worst slump of his career and if I recall correctly, he ended up with better numbers than the so-called NL MVP.

If the season hasn’t gone over well with the New York media, then I suggest they get a bat and glove and take Oliver Perez’s place in the rotation or a place in left field. The Mets aren’t playing to please the media; they are playing for the enjoyment of their loyal fanbase.

You talk about being some of the most supportive fans in baseball. How come when things start to go bad for the Phils, you can hear the faintest of “Lets Go Eagles” chants at games? Where were you when the Phillies became the first team in any sport to reach 10,000 losses? Mets fans have stuck my their team, through the good times and the bad and the ones that didn’t have now put on their Yankees hat.

You can go on and on about how you’re “the team to beat” and about how the Mets are “choke artists” or about how Mets really stands for “My Entire Team Sucks” or “Miserable End to September.” Really, the whole bit is getting old. I think you need new insults in the arsenal.

The Phillies may be the team to beat but the Mets will be the team that beats them. LGM


Jessica DeMattia

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