Thanks To Our Readers

Hi everyone,

As you know we’ve completely revamped our site from top to bottom and launched it on Opening Day.

We have continued working at it day in and day out because when we launched it was only 80% completed.

Yesterday we were able to add the image modules for each post on our main page as many of you had asked us to. We also show more of the post on the main page than we did before, again because it was requested by so many of you.

We have also eliminated over 50% of our ads that were featured on our previous platform. It’s huge improvement and as our annual commitments to those vendors expire, you’ll see less and less.

 The comments section is a dream come true, and it is by far one of the biggest and best changes according to all of our email and comments. As we continued to grow, the old commenting system was killing us because it had become so slow and clunky, but now it’s not only faster, but we added new features like subscribe to comments, and threaded comments and they work like a charm.

The current team of writers are the best we’ve ever had. Starting with Adam, Jessica and Denise who are three year veterans now, and then all the other great bloggers we’ve added over the years like Rob, Mikey J, Paul, John and everyone else. I think we number 25 now, I’ve lost count, but they all are amazing and I want to thank them.

In the last two weeks we have seen our traffic soar to incredible heights. I never could have imagined what I saw when I examined my traffic report this afternoon for the first time since the middle of February.  Three days ago, we just missed 100,000 hits by a mere 2,876 hits. I couldn’t believe it because it was only six months ago that we broke 50,000 for the very first time. We are now averaging better than 70,000 hits a day in April. THANK YOU!

We’re still busy tagging all of our old content and placing it in their respective categories. The two nav bars at the top can get you to and fro throughout the site and it will be fully completed by this weekend.

For all of our MySpace friends, our graphics are being overhauled and replenished with tons of new player graphics, avatars, buttons and more.  You’ll see more K-Rod, Johan, Reyes, Putz, F-Mart, Murphy and all the players we love. We even have more throwback graphics planned so if you’ve been waiting for Jerry Koosman, Jerry Grote, Tommy Agee and Cleon Jones, your wait is finally over!

In early March we took down the live chat for three days, and boy did we get an ear full! Live chat is back and better than ever. You can now register your own unique names and take a look at the new expanded chat room when you click on the banner! Two days ago we had over 900 comments in our game chat. It was pretty freaking awesome!

We currently reactivated our email subscription link via FeedBurner. We currently have over 500 email subscribers to our Mets Morning Newsletter.

Well that’s it for now. I tried to include as much information as I could about the new platform, and I just want to thank you all once again for your support over the years.

It’s game time now, so enjoy the game and have a great weekend everybody!

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