Some Idiot Wants To Trade David Wright for Evan Longoria?

It’s amazing to me how some people not only try to play armchair general manager, but how they can make some absolutely idiotic trade proposals. On yesterday, a dude named “80s Joel” proposed that the Mets trade David Wright to the Rays for Evan Longoria. I can’t fully translate the idiocy without actually showing you all the direct quote:

80s’Joel writes: “the mets need to trade that choke artist David Wright for a a left fielder and move Dan Murphy to 3rd base he might not have the power of wright but he hits average and IN THE CLUTCH. We should trade wright while he still has some value. I would trade him for Longoria straight up and you could most likely get a prospect or two for him as well. The mets should do this while they still can.”

Let’s dissect this, shall we?

1. David Wright is a choke artist? On what planet? Wright is a .309 hitter through four-plus seasons, with a 30-homer, 113-RBI average per season. Or as Will P commented on the original post, Wright’s .300 batting average with runners in scoring position is SIXTY points higher than Longoria’s.

2. You want to move Daniel Murphy to third base and trade Wright? I love Murph but he has a grand total of 136 major league at-bats. And hey, what do you know? Murphy has the same lifetime batting average as Wright, .309.

3. You want to trade Wright for Longoria straight up? First of all, see #1. Then look at last year, Longoria’s ONLY season in the major leagues….he hit .272 with 27 homers and drove in 85 runs. Wright hit .302 with 33 homers and 124 batted in. Am I missing something?

4. The Rays would trade Longoria and “a prospect or two” for David Wright? I don’t think they would even make the trade straight up for fear that Wright was suddenly damaged goods. If I’m the Rays’ GM, that’s certainly how I would look at that.

Further, as another person commented, David Wright is the face of the Mets’ franchise and should be for the next fifteen years, just like Derek Jeter is for the Yankees. Maybe Longoria will blossom into a great player, but in my opinion, he has quite a ways to go and has to prove it for at least four years the way Wright has so far.

I’m quite sure you all agree, but this was just too much fun not to post about and poke holes in. What are your thoughts?