Is Santana Jinxed?

Okay, it’s a silly question, but it just seems he can never catch a break. We all know that a combination of an incredible error and absolutely no bat support did him in once again. How many times did we watch this scenario unfold in 2008!

Admittedly, Josh Johnson is becoming Public Enemy #1 as an opposing starter. Wicked, wicked stuff. He’s like a Greg Maddux on Steroids. I think he hurt us at the end of the season in both ’07 and ’08. Clearly an ace performance on his part today

For those of you who might have missed it, Santana couldn’t have been much more on. Seven excellent innings with 13 strikeouts—yeah, 13. The two runs… yeah, unearned! Apparently, Daniel Murphy, when not making his “sliding-into-third” OF catches, forgot that you’re supposed to use two hands when catching a fly ball in bright sunlight. Don’t ask me. At that point, it was clear Santana lost his composure, and then gave up one of his three hits, which scored Ross who reached second on the error.

Unbelievably frustrating. I don’t think it’s remotely possible to understand how special a pitcher Santana is until you watch him; it’s an event.

I can only imagine what Santana’s record would/will look like when and if the Mets ever score three or more runs for this man consistently. The only reason Easter isn’t a complete washout for me is because he did pitch so well overall.

Postscript: Even wearing my Mets hat and Santana jersey couldn’t get us over the hump today. My other idiosyncrasy is to do push-ups, chin-ups or pull-ups throughout the course of games like this. Well, 63 pull-ups and nothing to show for them but sore arms. I tell ‘ya it ain’t easy to be a Mets fan. Did you know that?

Post-Postscript: My woes were compounded by listening to those Marlins announcers. No wonder they have so few fans.