Attempted Murderers Row

What a horrible game!

 Nine men left in scoring position. Situational hitting hovering at or about zero. David Wright, please return to the Mets!

 I’m at a loss. Brewers don’t have a good pitching staff, and they made us look terrible. Whenever something good started happening, such as a leadoff double or some such, we’d then fizzle right out. People love to say that it’s hard to sweep, but we could and should have swept the lowly Brewcrew out of NY. I can let it go, but it’s not sitting well at all.

 As for pitching, Figueroa was adequate, even got out of some tough situations, and then relievers were adequate with the exception of Parnell. Not really sure why JMAN pitched him in the 9th when we were down a run. I’m thinking you don’t want that lead to increase at all, but that’s just what happened.

 Right now, the hitting batteries seem almost out of juice, and we’re shoving off to St. Lou. And guess what? They’re the league leaders in team hitting.

 Thanks guys for the second depressing Sunday in a row. Ugh!