Start Praying…

Today is a big day Mets fans. Not big in terms of a potential make or break game… It’s too early for that.

However, depending on how Santana feels after his bullpen session it could be a big day in what could become a make or break decision.

In a little while, Johan Santana will take one of the bullpen mounds and throw some of the most important pitches in his Mets career, or at least some of the most critical in his career.

After weeks of elbow tightness which Mets doctors have called a sore triceps tendon (whatever that means), Santana will throw a light bullpen session and then the Mets will evaluate him after 24 hours.

Can you imagine the angst that will build up by tomorrow when team officials (probably Omar and Jerry) eventually approach him and ask the most basic question, “How do you feel?”

The answer to that question will determine the next course of action. Rather than speculate, I’ll let events take their course and then we can go from there.

I always worry when a Mets player is injured because of the way the Mets organization has bungled things in the past.

I will never understand why the Mets will allow the most important player on the team to throw when nobody knows the real source of the tightness in his elbow.

I will never understand why the Mets didn’t immediately send Johan Santana for an MRI as soon as he first complained about the tightness almost two weeks ago. 


As long as I live I may never truly understand why the Mets operate the way they do whenever a player says he is hurt. All the big secrets… All the misreported information… All the misdiagnosed injuries… All the prolonged rehabs that last until the season’s end…

Anyway… All that matters right now is the health of Johan Santana’s elbow. Let’s hope for the best.

Maybe a year from now we can all look back at this and laugh at ourselves for being so scared about nothing. As Mets fans we always seem to be bracing for the worst… Especially in the last couple of years… 

Can anyone blame us for that?

It’s about that time, and somewhere in Tradition Field a very worried Johan Santana is making his way to the bullpen with over a hundred eyes watching him, and over a million fans pulling for him.

If you’ve never prayed before, now’s a good time to start. 

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