Ramon Castro Worth More Than A Future Hall-Of-Famer?

Earlier today it was announced that the Houston Astros signed free agent catcher and future Hall Of Famer, Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez.  The Astros signed him to a 1 year deal valued at $1.5 million with another $1.5 million in incentives.  Pudge who has been playing in the WBC for Puerto Rico looks to be in great shape, perhaps even the best shape of his career.  His bat has been on fire and of course his work behind the plate is as good as ever. 

It was rumored that the Mets were interested in Pudge if another team was willing to accept a trade for backup catcher Ramon Castro.  Unfortunately there were no takers as Castro is owed $2.5 million this season.  This is another example of the Mets not spending their money wisely.  Pudge is going to Cooperstown, probably a first ballot hall of famer, but Ramon Castro is worth more than him for some reason.  The Mets financial woes have been well documented and I’m sure if they had more money Pudge would have been considered a little more without a trade for Castro.   

Pudge is someone who plays hard while Castro’s laziness is well known.  He shows up late for games as well as asking for days off when the team needs him to play because his backside is hurting him.  Castro is also injury prone, he cannot go a season without coming up with an injury.  Castro’s bat is good off the bench but Pudge has a good bat and his defense is better than Castro’s.  I also believe that Pudge calls a better game and works well with younger pitchers. 

I think the Mets need someone to keep an eye on the way they spend their money.  This season they overpaid for Tim Redding, a guy who was coming off of surgery and is now on the DL again.  Had the Mets given Castro a smaller contract they could have traded him away and signed Pudge Rodriguez.