Poor Manny? Poor Us!

I have an idea on how to end the stalemate between Manny Ramirez and the Dodgers:
Have Manny request a bailout from the federal government.  Every other business in the United States has, why not Manny?

He’s as entitled as the rest of them, and probably more productive.  At least he’s upfront with his demands and won’t pay one cent of bonuses after he receives the money.  Sharing is not in Manny’s DNA (just ask the George Washington High School baseball program which has never even received a pair of free batting gloves from the most famous alum).

All you have to do nowadays is cry poverty to Washington and presto; a check arrives in the mail.  Obviously, Manny simply cannot survive on the standing offer of $45 million for two years of service (12 months to the working man) after bagging $160 from the Boston Red Sox.

Give him a break; you think its cheap keeping those funky dreadlocks in vogue?  If Manny didn’t need the money you think he’d put up his lavish outdoor grill for sale on E-bay awhile back (don’t forget the inclusion of the signed baseball)?

Seriously, can the fans have a moratorium on this ongoing saga of Manny and the Dodgers?  I mean, there are so many people hurting in our country and this type of news emanating from the toy department is nauseating.  It’s basically rubbing the regular Joe and Joanna’s face in it. 

Families are eating Pizza out and Ramirez is ordering Surf and Turf.

Why are the Dodgers playing games with him and agent Scott Boras, as revolting a human being as Bud ($17.5 million a year) Selig?  Another day another deadline.  Mom’s Mabley had more teeth than these negotiations.

Let me make this unmistakable prediction:  Baseball will feel the pinch this summer.  Can they possibly escape what has become a rolling blackout of economic woes?  No chance, not what is construed as a luxury item.  Food and Medicine leave baseball in the dust.

When a family tightens the belt, dining out and entertainment are the first casualties.  That means movies and ballgames are candidates.  I recently went to the movies and it still cost $40 for four, and one popcorn.  For that price, one person would get in to watch major league baseball.

Parking is perpetually on the rise (will it be $15-20 at the new Citifield?) and tickets have gotten absurd, especially considering all the new phony add-on charges by Ticketmaster and the like (exactly what the hell is a convenience charge-its very inconvenient for the customer). 

For a family of four, the tab is easily in the $200 range. 

Why do you think the minor leagues are doing well?  Affordability dummy.  You can still get a hot dog for two dollars and park for five.  A ticket is so reasonable you can leave in the seventh inning and not feel ripped off. 

People who tail gate do so to make an event of it (and save on concessions).  Bravo for them.  If you believe that all the new choices at the spanking new ballpark will not include exorbitant pricing, then you never heard of the $12 US Open hamburger. 

It might pay to pack a lunch or call the Mets and ascertain what food items are carry in acceptable and save a few bucks. 

Maybe you’ll have some money left over to place in the Manny Ramirez collection drum.