Hot or Not: It’s Getting Closer Edition!

Happy Saturday Mets fans and welcome to my second spring installment of Hot or Not. We’ve seen our pitching staff banged up and we’ve seen Jon Niese and Bobby Parnell show why they should be watched.

The Good
For any Mets fan, hearing that your ace may miss their Opening Day start is never a good thing. Then you remember that they’re playing the Reds. And then you say to yourself, “I’m glad Jerry’s being careful with Johan.” I’d rather lose Johan for one or two starts in April than for the whole month of September. In the mean time, Jon Niese and Bobby Parnell have shown why they should at least be considered for the rotation. Luis Castillo has also surprised me this spring. I may have to give him a cookie. And the best news of all….Jose Reyes and Fernando Tatis are back in Mets camp after the Netherlands stunned the Dominicans!

The Bad
Angel Pagan, after showing once again he deserves a spot on the Mets roster, got hurt. I really hope he isn’t a younger version of Moises Alou. I also believe that Freddy Garcia is nowhere near ready to be the Mets 5th starter. I’m all for letting Niese or Parnell have a shot. The Mets have also shut down Tim Redding, which means there will be a spot on the roster for a long reliever. Port St. Lucie may very well become an infirmary.

22 days until regular season! LGM

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