Circle Of Love – Duaner, Omar, Jerry

Good evening MetsMerizers! I woke up this morning feeling pretty good and the first thing I see on is an article about how Jerry Manuel and Omar Minaya are at odds over Duaner Sanchez being released.


Granted, the article was taken from the NY post so I’m sure it’s a bit exaggerated. The Mets got tired of his arm to come around and it just didn’t happen. I’m sure he’ll latch on somewhere. Omar did him a favor in that respect, not releasing him on April 1st. I really hope this garbage doesn’t escalate. The last thing the Mets need to overcome is inter-organizational drama. Maybe this stuff is just coming from journalists who are out of A-Rod PED/Madonna/ hip injury stories.


Just a side note about Alex Rodriguez. No matter what doctors are saying, I don’t think he will be able to come back and perform like he did before this surgery. Which means Hank Aaro..uh…I mean Barry Bonds home run record will probably remain safe.


I’m pretty sure about most things, for instance David Wright will be an All-Star this season, Jose Reyes will steal AT LEAST 50 bases and the Mets will be the National League East champs in 2009… Then again I’m also pretty sure that Joe D. is not a robot sent from the future to blog about the Mets.


What I am certain of is how much of a pain it must be for MLB players to stay in shape to play at such a high level. I spent 2 hours shagging flies in church league practice last night and I can barely move today! It makes me happy I can just stay home and critique performance while they sweat it out on the field.


I’m still a little concerned about the whole Johan elbow drama. Only a year into his contract and crap like this is coming up? I believe he will be fine though…hopefully for the next 6 years. After that he can feel free to fall apart. THEN the Yankees can feel free to swipe him up…


I know this blog is a little random, but it’s a slow news day. Once the season starts I hope to bring back the “Monday Morning Metsy Award”, given to that weeks most outstanding player. That’s all I got today folks, so have a great Wednesday and I’ll see you on the flip flop!

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