Delgado Was Robbed Of MVP Award By A-Rod

David Lennon of Newsday, gives us another reason to be angry at the A-Roid revelation, and opens up an interesting debate.

Remember, it was Delgado who finished second to Alex Rodriguez in the 2003 AL MVP vote.

A-Rod was first with 242 points, including six first-place votes. Delgado was second with 213 points, including five first-place votes.

Of course, in the past 72 hours we’ve learned that A-Rod cheated in 2003, and he admitted Monday that he took banned substances.

Of course this leads to the obvious question…

Should A-Rod be stripped of his MVP award?

Should it go straight to Delgado who was the runner up?

In the Olympics, when someone is caught cheating their medal goes to the next runner up, so what’s different here?

Whether the substances A-Rod took were banned by baseball or not in 2003, they were illegal in the United States. He obtained them illegally without a prescription, and at minimum he was committing a felony offense.

By the way, I’m tired of hearing the “no official ban in baseball” argument on this matter. Maybe we should officially ban murder, rape and arson in baseball because you never know…

I wonder how a real commissioner who was not an operative of ownership would handle all these steroids admissions?

Somehow, I don’t see Bart Giamatti, Fay Vincent or Bowie Kuhn sitting on the sidelines and fiddling while Rome burned.

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