What If These Things Happened?

Hypothetically speaking… let’s just imagine for a second that the players we hear on the HotStove are interested in the Mets. Now, let’s also imagine that Omar could sign most of them, be somewhat reasonable and not press “Force Trade” from a baseball video game like signing EVERYONE (we’re not the Yankees). Anyway, the players we hear
in the news are: Derek Lowe, Oliver Perez, Manny Ramirez, Orlando
Hudson, Randy Wolf, Jon Garland, and Ben Sheets. There’s more names out
there, but we don’t hear that at all, obviously.

Ok, there are a
few situations out there. We have a void spot for starting rotation.
However, in my opinion, it’s actually two. I love my boy Jonathon Niese
and all, but I think he still needs to tune a third pitch to be
successful. Enter Derek Lowe, Oliver Perez, Randy Wolf, Jon Garland,
Ben Sheets, and Tim Redding. Who do we choose? Well, it looks like Omar
is picking Derek Lowe and staying with Niese. In my opinion, I’d either
sign Derek Lowe AND Oliver Perez or sign Ben Sheets AND Oliver Perez. I
really think Ollie should be a Met again. Why? He’s a Phillie killier
and he’s a lefty. The Mets only have Johan as their only lefty starter.
Ollie is still young and has a great upside. Derek Lowe is Mr.
Consistent and Ben Sheets is just scary, both good and bad. Yes, good
being he’s absolutely filthy when healthy, and bad being he’s almost as
bad as Carl Pavano, injury-wise.

–Signing two pitchers = reasonable and very do-able at this point.

#2, left field. We currently have Fernando t-t-t-t-TATIS and Daniel
Murphy. While that’s a good platoon, it could easily be insanely
upgraded with one player. Enter Manuel Aristides Ramírez Onelcida
(thanks Wiki). Sure, he’s a crazy act in the clubhouse; yet players,
coaches, and managers love him, or at least a good chunk of them do.
He’s deadly with the bat, but an absolute clown on the field. I don’t
care, but with him in this already punishing lineup, the Mets would
instantly be the team to beat around the NL.

–Costly + Scott Boras = not AS reasonable, but very managable if price drops.

I’m Luis Castillo. I make a very good amount of money, even though my
knees are about to break in pieces. I also can’t run anymore and I
can’t hit. I could bunt though! What do we do about this? I don’t think
we can do anything about this situation anymore. What an ideal
situation would be to ship Castillo somewhere, eat some of his
contract, and wish Orlando Hudson could drop his price just a tad bit.
Hudson brings that nitty-gritty attitude needed for this team, much
like Wally Backman was for the ’86 Amazins. Oh, and I love the double
flapped helmet. It looks much better on him that it does for that man
named the Flyin’ Hawaiin (still bitter about them winning).

–Big ass contract isn’t gonna help at all, but there’s still a small chance of him leaving and the O-Dog coming to Citi Field.

with all that being said, if all of the above move happen (chance is
probably 1%) the opening day lineup and rotation would look like this.

1. Jose Reyes (SS)
2. Carlos Beltran (CF)
3. David Wright (3B)
4. Manny Ramirez (LF)
5. Carlos Delgado (1B)
6. Ryan Church (RF)
7. Orlando Hudson (2B)
8. Brian Schneider (C)
9. Pitcher

1. Johan Santana (L)
2. Derek Lowe (R) / Ben Sheets (R) **
3. Oliver Perez (L)
4. Mike Pelfrey (R)
5. John Maine (R)

The lineup only looks like that because if I had Delgado, Church,
Schneider as 6,7,8, it would be too lefty heavy, thus me having Hudson
at the 7 hole to break up the lefties.

Now isn’t that just crazy folks? I wish it would happen, HEY, maybe it’ll happen. A Met fan can only dream right?


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