Kenny Rogers To Retire

Detroit Tigers pitching coach Rick Knapp is saying Kenny Rogers has decided to retire, according to

Rogers has not made this official. Knapp is claiming since he is close to the pitcher, he claims it as fact.

Other reports have indicated the 44 year old pitcher has been contemplating coming back in 2009 to give himself another year.

Should he retire, he will be known by one horrible moment in Mets Fan-dom and one immensely incredible year for the Tigers.

Who could ever forget the 1999 National League Championship Series against the Atlanta Braves?

Rogers came in the game in the bottom of the eleventh inning. He walked in the winning run after loading the bases. If you are going to lose, lose with dignity. Lose with a single or something. Not walking in the winning run.

To make matters worse, he walked off the mound shrugging his shoulders.

You can talk all you want about John Franco and Armando Benitez messing up. Rogers was called in and did not get the job done. It was his fault as well. He pitched scared.

For the Tigers fans, he will always be great.

During the 2006 postseason, Rogers went 3-0 having not allowed a run
in 23 innings of work. Nobody believed it and everyone began to assume
he was cheating.

Unfortunately, the Tigers could not finish off the St. Louis Cardinals.

I guess we will know in the next few days if he does decide to
retire. He just better not make his way to New York. Mets fans still
want a piece of him, including yours truly.