Did the Nationals get a gem in Daniel Cabrera?

The Nationals signed Daniel Cabrera yesterday to a one year, 2.6
million dollar deal where it seems that they beat out the Pirates and
the Mets among others to get the big pitcher. How big is this signing?
Well right now it seems pretty small. Living in Baltimore, I am very
familiar with Cabrera’s stuff. He is a big guy, really he’s huge not
only is he tall he has a big frame as well, and he is also a very nice
guy (I’ve met him at a fan event several years ago).

weakness over his career has been his control. At sometimes he is
dominant, shutting down every batter he faces and not walking anyone.
He also has had games where he has walked five batters in the first
inning. The signing with the Nationals had to come down to a guranteed
roster spot. If he gets a spark this year at the Nationals, he could be
a real force in the NL. He can however just as easily be a scrub in the
NL. He is one of those players that I will be rooting for even though
he is not on the Mets because I really want him to succeed.

being said, I am glad he is not a Met. As much as I would love to see
him get a great level of success in a Mets uniform, I feel that New
York would eat him alive while he tries to find his way.

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