Today is the Day We Have Been Waiting for: The Start of the Free Agency Season

When the clock struck midnight about 9 and half hours ago, and the
calender flipped from Thursday the 13th to Friday the 14th, the planets
realigned themselves and it was time for the Sport Superstar agent to
make lots of money. All joking aside, this is the day we have been
waiting for because although we have seen some surprising trades over
the last few days, the majority of trades are really going to happen
based on what happens in the Free Agent market, and the stars have
decided to keep it busy by not resigning with their old teams yet.
There are a lot of prizes out on the market this year, including CC,
Manny, KRod and more, and now is the time we will start to see how
serious teams are about getting the player of their dreams.

Will the Yankees start with a contract bigger than Santana for CC?
Will Boras try to insult other teams by telling them their offer is not “serious”?
Will the Mets go with Krod or Fuentes or Trade?
Where will Manny be Manny?
With the Yanks with Swisher, are they out of the Teixiera derby?
Will the Orioles or the Nationals make a surprise in the Texeria derby?
Will the Braves spend money this year and bring in pitching by big trades and big signings?
Where will Burrell land?

are just a few of the questions that are being asked now. Its the start
of Free Agency! Its the hot stove! Its we really want March and April
and the 2009 season to start already!

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