Rollins, Phillies and their Opinions of the Mets

This is almost becoming comical at this point.

When the
Phillies were in the World Series, they were talking about how every
team in the NL East hates the Mets. When they won the World Series,
their fans were bringing signs telling Mets fans to look at their
trophy. Now with their parade, they called out the Mets a few times.
What amazes is me is that the Mets are not starting stuff with Philly.
This is a perfect example now of a one sided rivalry not because one
team dominates the other, but one team really doesn’t acknowledge that
there is a rivalry.

The Phillies right now are on the highest
summit they can be on, in a city that hasn’t won a championship in
decades, and they are spending their time talking smack about the Mets.
Its getting funny now because alot of this is uncalled for at this
point. I was reading on Mets Merized Online earlier today where one
person put it perfectly. When we ran away with the east in 2006, we
didn’t rub it in anyone’s face we did it in stride. Here is the exact
quote from 86mets:
“I wonder where all this crap started? I don’t remember the Mets
trashing Philly in ’06 when they ran away w/ the East. Does anyone
else? I don’t recall Reyes or Wright or Beltran or any other Met
proclaiming the Mets the “team to beat” in ’06. So why did Rollins feel
he had to personally start a war of words with the Mets? Inferiority
complex I guess. I guess the message to the Mets is this: Talk is
CHEAP, you gotta go out there and PROVE you’re better than Philly.
Maybe in a way J-Rol and his mouth can be a good motivator for the ’09
Mets. Let’s just hope there is someone in that clubhouse with enough
gumption to step up and lead this team, if not, well Omar you need to
FIND someone!”

it comes down to now is that Philly is hungry. They should be slightly
satistified with their trophy, but they are still hungry. They want a
rivalry they are starving for a way to focus all their negative energy
on one thing, and they aren’t going to get it. The players of the teams
probably hate each other, but I’m sure if you ask the Mets they don’t
hate everyone on the Phillies, they probably just want to take one
player, a talkative shortstop, Rollins. Because when it comes down to it, Reyes showing excitement is much better for the game than all of the crap that comes out of Rollins mouth, and Phillies fans argument against Reyes is that he is bad for the game.

And if you are a Mets
fan who feels we do have a rivalry with Philly, then you can take pride
in this. Come Feburary when the Spring Training is about to get into
full swing, who will be getting more attention? The Mets. Which
shortstop will be getting more attention, probably with saying nothing,
Jose Reyes. Whose skills will they be talking about, the Mets five tool
players. We will naturally get more attention, because thats the way
it goes (we have the larger market, and a larger amount of fans who have been following the team through the good and the bad, the same cannot be said about the Phillies the past two years). Its no longer a situation where the Mets are the little
brother of the Yankees, its now the situation where the entire city of
Philadelphia has become the little brother of the city of New York.

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