Is CC Sabathia Really Worth It?

With the Yankees once again setting the bar for the free agency period by making a ridiculous offer to CC Sabathia, I find myself asking: “Is really worth 6+ years/$150+ million?”

I don’t think he’s worth it. Sorry. While the Santana-Sabathia 1-2 punch would easily be the sickest in all of baseball, while we would not one, but TWO Cy Young candidates in our rotation, and while we would only have to find a couple of schmucks to fill our bullpen if we got Sabathia, I don’t think it’s worth it. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have CC Sabathia on my team but trying to top the Yankees every year in free agent signings is getting kind of old.

We should be concentrating on what was our downfall last year: the bullpen. I fully expect Frankie Rodriguez to be our new closer come 2009. Guys like Johan Santana can go out there and pitch the game of their lives but none of that matters if the bullpen can’t get the final three outs. With even an adequate bullpen, I felt that Johan Santana was the true Cy Young award winner.

If Sabathia takes the Yankees offer, I think it’s a true shame. I think it will show the direction that the game of baseball has taken. That money matters more than playing baseball for the love of the game. If Sabathia is in it just for the money, then we don’t need him.

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