What If We End Up Not Getting K-Rod or Fuentes?

If it’s one thing we can all agree on, it is that the top two closers on the free agent market are Brian Fuentes, formerly of the Colorado Rockies, and Frankie Rodriguez who we all know as K-Rod.

I guess we are in agreement that the Mets desperately need a closer too.

When it comes to the matter of signing K-Rod to a contract worth as much as $75 million dollars over five year, Mets fans are split down the middle. Half of us are against making such a commitment to K-Rod, while the rest say sign him at all costs.

As for Brian Fuentes, we all agree that he can fill the void for a lot less money. Some say he should be “Plan B”, while others say let’s save some money and make him “Plan A”.

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Times reported that the Angels will not give K-Rod the five year deal both he and his agent crave. They are moving on without him.

Considering the financial juggernaut that the Angels are, do they set their sites on Brian Fuentes now?

I hear many Mets fans calling into WFAN or ESPN and suggesting that the Mets trade for a closer. The top two names on everyone’s list seem to be Joakim Soria of the Royals, or J.J. Putz of the Seattle Mariners. Either of them would be a significant addition for the Mets, but at what cost?

Considering all the holes the Mets have to fill this offseason, would it be smart to move Dan Murphy, Fernando Martinez or Jon Niese for a closer?

What about left field, second base, and about three other arms for the bullpen?

I hear all of this talk connecting Manny Ramirez to the New York Mets. Are we going to open our limited financial resources and bestow it all upon such a high risk signing? I love Manny, but given his age and track record, is this somebody that would fit in well in the Mets clubhouse? If it’s one thing we know about Manny, it is that he does not like playing under the microscope of the media. We also know that at any given time he can sulk and become a negative influence on the team. Do we really want to go there?

What I suggest is that the Mets make a big play for Fuentes or K-Rod. Use our bargaining chips to fill out the rest of the bullpen and plugging the hole in left field.

Whatever we end up paying Fuentes or K-Rod, it will be a lot less than what Manny Ramirez is demanding. If I remember correctly, the Mets did not have a problem scoring runs last season… their biggest problem was holding down a lead. Shouldn’t that area represent our biggest focus this off season?

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