The Mets Are Not Trading Carlos Beltran

One of things I love most about the Hot Stove season is all the interesting trade rumors that we hear from the teams and the press that follows them. That being said, one of the drawbacks is all of the false claims and rumors that are not based on any legitimate information.

In the last 48 hours, the blogs and airwaves have been pulsing with rumors that have Carlos Beltran on the trading block, and a few callers to WFAN were under the delusion that the Yankees had made an offer for Carlos Beltran that included second baseman Robinson Cano and starting pitcher Ian Kennedy. Hogwash!

This whole idea that Carlos Beltran is on the trade block is groundless and without any merit or truth.

If you enjoy reading the hundreds of Mets blogs that are out there, you will also run into hundreds of hypothetical trades that are simply the thoughts and opinions of the bloggers who posted them. I actually enjoy reading these hypothetical trades and debating the pros and cons of these hypothetical trades as well. It’s fun to do and an excellent way to kill some time in the off season.

Unfortunately, these hypothetical trades are sometimes confusing and are too often mis-characterized as a trade rumor. They are not trade rumors.

The Carlos Beltran trade rumors that are running rampant all over the web and several sports stations are not true. The Mets have had no dialog with any team regarding the availability of Carlos Beltran. 

The source of this rumor came from a simple exchange on Blog Talk radio between a Mets blogger and Yankees blogger who were merely tossing around some hypothetical trades and discussing some potential moves by the Mets and Yankees. It’s the same kind of trade talk you would have with your own friends and family regarding the Mets… Just a few friends speculating and killing some time. That’s it.

The Mets have hinted at the potential of some significant moves this offseason and justifiably so, but I can almost guarantee you that trading Carlos Beltran will not be one of the Mets’ off season moves.

For the second straight season, Carlos Beltran was the team leader and among the league leaders in batting average, hits, runs scored and RBI for the month of September. What the Mets need to do is find more players who can turn it on at the end of the season. They are certainly not going to get rid of their only late season contributer two years running.

Carlos Beltran batted .344 in September with six homeruns, 32 hits, 16 walks, and an on-base percentage of .440 which was third in the league. He also was second in the league with a .645 slugging percentage (wow!), and second in the league in runs scored with 22.

Once again, Carlos Beltran did his talking with his bat in September.

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