We’re in the Home Stretch!

The New York Mets have 17 games left to play. As has been the story all season, we blew a 7 game lead with 17 left to play. It’s bad enough we historically collapsed, but if I have to hear about it on a national broadcast one more time, I’ll break my TV. Seriously, the Mets have moved on and so should the media. There are teams that are slumping right now *cough* Brewers *cough* and nobody says anything about them (or the Cubs for that matter). Welcome to another installment of Hot or Not. We’re nearing the home stretch and I know that we’ll be able to hold off the Phillies; I have faith!

Carlos Delgado continues to be the MVP of the team. He is nearing the home run record set by Todd Hundley and tied by his teammate Carlos Beltran. And yes, we are talking about the same Carlos Delgado that wasn’t supposed to hit 30 home runs and have 80 RBI. Comeback Player of the Year? MVP? We’ll find out soon enough. Our bullpen has been doing well as of late. I like Luis Ayala in the closer’s role; maybe he did just need a change of scenery. I still think we should go after K-Rod because he’s still a young player that could be a long term addition. David Wright’s 4-for-4 night bumped his average up to .296 after a miserable slump. With him and Delgado both hitting, it’ll give for offense an extra punch.

Now for the not so pretty. Gotta love Pedro Martinez because he’s a team leader. After being rocked by Philly, his next start got pushed back to Monday. He’s certainly a Hall of Famer, but I see the Mets going with someone else for 2009. Aaron Heilman continues to make his case for why Jerry should shut him down. Seriously, they just asked him to pitch against the Nationals. It’s not like we’re asking him to pitch in a game that actually means anything.

3 up with 17 left to play. We need to sweep this double header. LGM.

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