Does Omar Minaya Deserve An Extension?

I hate tropical storms… Especially tropical storms with funny names that rhyme with banana…

I”m sitting home, bored out of my mind… no baseball, no good movies on the tube, so I figure, let me read some other Mets blogs. And so I did.

I came across the following excerpt in a post by Andrew Beaton at Hot Foot and it got me thinking. He wrote…

I think Minaya did a great job turning the franchise around, but more and more the future of the game is turning into developing your own cheap talent through the system, something that Minaya hasn’t proven he can do yet.  I would hope the Wilpons think long and hard about extending him, and not accept it as a foregone conclusion. 

I think I had to read that excerpt a few times before I could understand what the author was trying to convey. It starts off with a compliment, followed by a short “state of the game” address, and then there is the swipe at Omar. An undeserved swipe at that.

I agree that the future of baseball is becoming more dependent on developing young talent and nurturing that talent until it finally reaches the Major Leagues. High performance at a low cost may have started with low revenue teams like the Rays and the Twins, but it has become an integral part of a major market team’s strategy as well.

I believe that Omar absolutely embraces that philosophy and has proven that he subscribes to it with many of his moves. He may have been Mike Pelfrey’s biggest supporter, even when Pelfrey had many of us convinced he was a bust. He drafted players like Dan Murphy, Nick Evans, Jon Niese and some of our other best young players, but refused to trade them at the trading deadline for a reliever or starter that we desperately needed.

It was also because of the prospects Omar drafted, that we were able to get Johan Santana in the off season. 

Omar may not be the perfect GM, but he certainly has proven his value to the Mets organization. He certainly deserves an extension in my opinion.

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