Our Team is Hot, Hot, Hot!

Happy Saturday Mets fans and welcome to this very special edition of Hot or Not. Usually, I would be calling somebody out for not doing their job while praising the other aspects of our team that give us hope. However, since we are on a 7-game winning streak, I cannot bring myself to make up a "Not" section. Everyone is doing their equal part on the team as the Amazin’ Mets make a run for a pennant. Everyone is "Hot" in my book this week, but I would like to point out a couple of guys that stand out:

Fernando Tatis and Damion Easley: The unsung heroes of the week. Both of them had game-winning hits against the Giants and Rockies, repectively. I know we’ll be seeing more of Tatis, with Alou done and Church on the road to recovery. I hope we get to see more of Easley, considering the fact that we’re 8-1 since we put Luis Castillo on the DL on July 3.

Dos Carloses: The Dos Carloses have finally become one and are hitting for major power. I don’t know what caused the sudden power surge, but the Mets, as an organization, are hitting again and these two guys, along with Jose Reyes, are at the forefront of the movement.

Mets Starting Pitching: Without a pitch count, our pitchers are able to go into games longer and keep their team in the game. As Mike Pelfrey said a couple of weeks back, it’s not about pitching 6 perfect innings; it’s about pitching 7 or 8 solid innings and keeping your team in the game. And all of our starters have done just that.

I hope the Mets can ride high on their recent success and give those Philthy Phils a run for their money! LETS GO METS!!!!!!!!!!! 

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