What Are The Players Saying About The Willie Situation?

We are still staying with this story since we began following it and reporting it to you since the end of last night’s doubleheader split.

This morning we have some comments as reported by ESPN and Newsday on some of the Mets players who were willing to comment on the growing drama that has been unfolding.

David Wright – "It’s getting tiresome talking about it, that’s the only thing. All of us in here back Willie. He’s our manager. But we need wins for the sake of winning right now."

Billy Wagner – "I’m not out there saying, ‘Oh jeez, if I don’t get this done, Willie’s going to be fired.’

Carlos Beltran – "We’re here to play baseball. We know as a team we’re not winning, we’re not playing to the capability that we can play. But they have told [us] that he’s going to be our manager, he’s still our manager. So we’re not worried about his job. That’s what they said to us two weeks ago and it hasn’t changed, not that I know."

Here is what I think. This is my own take and not something that has been reported elsewhere, but I’m basing it on some of the recent events that have been reported.

I firmly believe that Willie will manage this season through the remainder of the season. I don’t believe that his job is in any immediate danger. I say this because after the game, as was reported by the Daily News, Journal News, and The Record, Omar Minaya had a meeting with Willie in his office immediately after the post game interviews, and Willie came out afterward and joined his team on the bus to the airport. If Omar was going to fire him, wouldn’t he have done it then?

Here is a video clip also from ESPN that gives their take on the current situation. Hat tip to MetsBlog.

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