Still Runnin’ Against The Wind…

You’re going to have to forgive me this morning. As excited as I am about the Mets taking 3 out of 4 games from the Dodgers, I can’t help but feel nostalgic today.


Like all of us here on this site, I have a passion for all things Mets. So much so, that even the littlest things can trigger memories and other thoughts about them. One of the things that I have always loved about being a Mets fan is the underdog status they hold in New York. To some people the Mets will always remain in the shadow cast by our neighbors in the Bronx. Even if the Mets were to win 30 straight World Series titles, some will always consider Yankee tradition superior. Another example is the battle for headlines in the city papers. For instance, Johnny Damon’s excitement over a prize in his box of Crackerjacks would make bigger headlines than a Mets 10 game win streak.


On my way home from church last night the song “Against the Wind” by Bob Seger came over the radio, and the title struck me (naturally) with thoughts of the Mets. (You can hear it here if you aren’t familiar with it.)


It made me think about the Mets and their continued struggle to wrestle the spotlight from the Yankees. I’m not sure if I would want it any other way the more I thought about it. When something isn’t easily achieved it makes success that much sweeter. The Mets may not have a history of juggernauts that won championships, but behind every Mets title therein lies the hearts of true champions. From the improbable Miracle Mets in ’69, the Amazin’ 1986 club and the 2000 N.L.Champs, the Mets fought tooth and nail for what they accomplished. That’s not to say the Yankees didn’t work hard, but in all honesty they were expected to win more often than not.


The Mets have almost always been dismissed as second class citizens with no chance. This season is no different. Even with the acquisition of Johan there are many doubters, citing the effect of the collapse of 2007 and Jose’s fragile psyche. For the Mets to win the N.L. East and beyond they are going to have to channel some of the same magic that made Al Weis and Mookie Wilson heroes that rocked Shea Stadium on those chilly October nights in a way the Beatles could only dream of.


“…Against the wind. I’m still runnin’ against the wind. I’m older now and still runnin’ against the wind…”


Keep running Mets, we’re right behind you. Let’s make this final season at Shea the stuff legends are made of!

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