It’s Now Or Never

With the Mets recent slide this weekend in San Diego, I feel it’s now or never with this ballclub making the postseason. The 2008 New York Mets are currently 30-32, again under five hundred and 7.5 games behind the surging Phillies. With Pedro Martinez returning this past week, the Mets were supposed to have found their savior in the rotation to take the pressure off Santana, however it seems once again the offense has hit another slump and cant find a way to win.

The biggest reason for this teams lack of offense I feel is the bench. Why with both starting corner outfielders out with injuries do they carry three catchers and an extra infielder? Why not call up some of our prospects and give them a chance if for no other reason than to showcase them for a trade?

If the Mets continue their underachieving ways and play .500 ball until the trade deadline, I am in favor of being a seller. Everyone on this roster, excluding Santana, Reyes, and Wright could be had for the right price. Lets unload all the excess payroll, and strengthen our farm system with prospects then make a run at big time free agents like Teixeira or Sabathia in the off season.

It’s sad that it has come to this one week into June. However, I along with many Mets fans are at wits end with this current team. Something has to change or the results will continue to be the same. Minaya can’t sit back and do nothing, The Time Is Now…… DO SOMETHING!!!