Hot as Fire or Not at All?

Welcome Mets fans to another installment of Hot or Not. The Mets looked as if they were on their way back against San Fransisco, but they have since taken a few steps back against the Padres. They’ve only scored two runs in their last 23 innings, with Scott Schoeneweis and Johan Santana charged with losses. But I still have to pick somebody to be Hot and I have to pick somebody to be Not.

Hot As Fire
Billy Wagner: The Sandman has had an amazing year for us. With a 0.36 ERA, Wags has stepped up as a team leader both on and off the field. He should be the only closer in New York coming in to "Enter Sandman" as far as I’m concerned.

Jose Reyes: Okay, so I picked him last week but it needs to be noted once again: heeeeeeeeeee’s baaaaaaaaack! Reyes is on fire this week (okay, this month). He’s 9-24 this month, good enough for a .360 average on the month, and bringing his overall average to a .293. Our catalyst is back for sure!

Mike Pelfrey: His numbers really don’t reflect where he is as a pitcher. If he comes up short against the Marlins, then he’ll pitch a gem against the Dodgers (and the Padres for that matter). Either way, the offense isn’t giving the man the run support he needs (which, in some cases is one run). He’s got the stuff to be a good, consistent pitcher. His offense needs to come through for him.

Not At All
Oliver Perez: Six runs in 1/3 of an inning. Do I really need to say more than that? Probably not. But I’m tired of his inconsistencies; I’m tired of constantly wondering which Ollie we’re gonna get. He go could out there tonight and pitch a gem against the Padres and the Mets will still find a way to lose 2-1.

Carlos Beltran: I hesitated before I put his name on the list. At the beginning of the week, he has 8 RBI in the last 6 games but since then, he has cooled off. I can’t look beyond the fact that his 6 home runs are the least for a clean up hitter in the Majors. He also looks at strike 3 arguably more than any player I have ever seen.

Carlos Delgado: Dos Carloses aren’t looking so hot in my book right now. For those of you keeping score at home, once again, this was a guy getting the hits towards the end of May and the beginning of the week. However, it is Delgado (or Luis Castillo-who I’m not commenting on this week) who is usually at the plate to end the rallies. His .227 overall cannot be looked past either. I get it, he’s 36 years old. Hopefully, Ike Davis will move quickly through the farm system.

What do you think Mets fans? Am I right on? Am I totally wrong? Did I leave anybody out on either side? Hopefully, the Mets will soon end their struggle of staying at .500 and come out and play some real baseball.

Lets go Mets!

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