Enough Is Enough, Bring Up Some Of The Kids

I have completely had it with this roster. I am tired of same old tired players playing the same old tired baseball. It’s not that I don’t like guys like Damion Easley, Marlon Anderson, Moises Alou, and all the other tired old veterans, I just think we have too many players like this. I feel like we went from having one Julio Franco in 2006 to a dozen of them in 2008. I just can’t take it anymore.

I have become so envious of every team we play who have rookies and second year players who contribute solidly to their team’s success, just like the Mets did when Wright and Reyes first came up. We don’t need all of the kids to be instant stars, and God knows the veterans we have been enduring are not stars, but I can take a .245 average and 8 homeruns and 30 RBI from a rookie and let out a big smile, rather than seeing that kind of production from a player who is getting paid $16 million dollars. I’m just weird like that.

We need a major shake-up on this team. We need a full throttle infusion of youth and exuberance that is currently available in ample quantities right in our own minor league system.

It’s time to bring up Mike Carp and Chris Aguila right now, and treat the fans to some good old fashioned fun and excitement in the clubhouse again. Call up Jon Niese and a couple of the other young relievers, and give them a shot.

I don’t even enjoy watching a Mets game anymore these days. They have become such a drag and they are wearing me out. We keep putting out the same old lineup and keep getting the same old results. I’m sorry that I keep using the word "old" over and over again in this post, but I just need to make a point.

I think it’s time to pull the plug on the life support machines that are keeping the Mets in this current vegetative state, and opt for a transfusion of new blood that will elevate the excitement level in the clubhouse and rejuvenate the team.

Mike Carp 1B – .351, 9 HR, 38 RBI
Chris Aguila OF – .308, 17 HR, 40 RBI
Valentino Pascucci OF – .298, 11 HR, 29 RBI
Tony Armas P – 2.09 ERA, 0.98 WHIP, 82 IP, 66 K, 16 BB

They may or may not succeed right away after we call them up, but it would be a breath of fresh air to see some new faces. A couple of them like Armas and Pascucci have already been around the block a few times, but are looking for fresh starts. Armas should get a shot at filling a rotation spot, while Pascucci could fill in at right field and provide a boost to the bench.

Carp and Aguila have skyrocketed back into phenom status this season and look ready for the challenge. We would need to move Delgado and part ways with half of our current bench in order to give them plenty of playing time and valuable at-bats.

Aguila could play everyday in left field, and would provide a solid right handed bat to the lineup. It would mean the end of an everyday job for Alou who would become a great bat on our bench and occasional starter. Carp would take over at first base and hopefully a Delgado trade could net us a couple of mid level prospects that can help us down the road and add a little more depth to a barren minor league system.

I know I’m just rambling, and that the truth is that none of these scenarios will play out, but if the thought of such moves can be exciting, imagine how much more exciting the reality of them would be.

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