Can The Mets Become Baseball’s Giants?

Is it just me, or is there an uncanny resemblance between the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants and our beloved Metropolitans? Somewhere I can hear Alanis Morrissette asking "isn’t it ironic" how these two franchises actions over the past couple seasons mirror each other.

Remember back before the Giants shocked the world in Super Bowl XXI, when they were in the tabloids each and every week, fans were booing their every move, and Tom Coughlin was on the verge of losing his job because of his "lackluster" coaching ability? Sound familiar?

Well also remember how after the Giants collapsed the season before, Coughlin changed his approach to coaching, the front office built from within in the draft instead of signing big time free agents, and most importantly, they had an addition by subtraction when the "me-first" Tiki Barber retired, and the G-men platooned with a stable of running backs at his position.

By modeling themselves after the champions of the NFL, here are a few suggestions, I feel, that could turn things around and get the Mets headed in the right direction.

First, it already seems Willie Randolph realizes he must change his ways or his days in New York will be over. Instead of protecting his aging veterans, he is giving younger players more playing time and at the same time, the team a breath of fresh air. 

Second, as for the draft, the Mets have four picks in the first 75 picks next week. This is an opportune time for Omar Minaya to replenish the depleted farm system from the Santana deal this past off-season. Players such as LHP – Daniel Schlereth, Lenny Dykstra’s son, OF – Cutter Dykstra, C – Jason Castro, and SS – Anthony Hewitt are all big time players that could affect the Mets in the near future. 

Now as for addition by subtraction, I feel it is time to cut our losses with Delgado and release him and platoon some of our youngsters within the farm system such as Mike Carp or Val Pascucci with a veteran like Damion Easley or Fernando Tatis.

On their way to winning the championship this past season, the Giants depended tremendously on their defense and running attack and this is something, I feel, the Mets must restore and focus on for the remainder of the season in order to return to the top of the NL East.

Only time will tell if the Mets will have the same fortune as the Giants had this past winter, but one thing is for sure…… Ya Gotta Believe!!!