A Truly Metsian Dilemma

Okay-it doesn’t need to be said again, but the Mets could have handled Willie Randolph’s termination a little bit…okay a lot…better. Like not letting him on the plane to Anaheim better. For something we all knew was going to happen one way or another, the Mets certainly found a way to shock us and even appall us. Both John McLaren and John Gibbons were let go by Seattle and Toronto, respectively, but Willie’s pink slip is still the big story of the week.

The Mets continue to amaze in all aspects of the game-when they win, when they lose, and when they hire and fire. Omar Minaya is the same guy who let Art Howe finish a 71-91 season even though he could have very easily fired him mid-season; the least he could have done was given Willie an ultimatum such as, "Turn things around by the All Star break or else."

But what’s done is done and this team can finally move foward. David Wright doesn’t have to play every inning of every game and then answer to the media afterwards. Jose Reyes can go back to being the exciting player of 2006. Ryan Church doesn’t have to feel bad if he gets another concussion. A huge weight has obviously been lifted off the team’s shoulders.

I just want my Mets to go in there this weekend, stomp all over Colorado like they’re supposed to, and play some good baseball. In a perfect world, baseball would be the main focus of the Mets until the off-season comes and the Mets now have to net a manager and (maybe) a pitcher. However, because of the way Omar Minaya handled something that was inevitable, now all eyes are on the Mets. In my honest opinion, I think Omar should be the next to go.

Now that we are in sole possession of third place (okay, by half a game, but it still counts), I would like to see the Mets climb to .500 and stay there. I still believe in this team and I have full confidence that this season can be salvaged. With new leadership in Jerry Manuel, I expect them to turn things around.

Lets go Mets!

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