Who’s Hot and Who’s Not? And Who’s Stuck in the Middle?

Welcome back to another addition of Hot and Not. The Mets have shown great strides towards improvement, but they had good numbers against Brad Penny to begin with. Hopefully, they’ll sweep this doubleheader and they get the confidence they need.

Who’s Hot
Moises Alou: Okay, so he’s only played in a couple of games. And he may need time to get his swagger back. But the man is certainly making up for lost time. Any 41-year-old who steals home plate has earned my respect.

Ryan Church: The Reverand continues to carry the Mets on his back. He currently leads the team in batting average with a .328 and is certainly making a campaign for his first All Star Game. I’m still trying to think of a cool nickname for him. The Reverand’s the best I got. Your suggestions are welcomed.

John Maine: The Maine of last year is back, as he proved in his last start. Okay, so he didn’t really need to pitch all that effectively with such a lop-sided score, but he gave the same effort to a 12-1 game as he would have a 2-1 game. And for that John Maine, I thank you.

Who’s Close
Carlos Delgado: For what it’s worth, he is certainly making his way back. Slowly but surely, Delgado is on his way. In his last 10 games, he is batting a .257 but it is certainly much better than the .186 he was posting last week. Look for him to perform in the afternoon game today. He currently has a .277 average during the day.

Nelson Figueroa: I was actually considering him for my "not" column. However, Figs has kept the Mets in the game while he was on the mound. He needs to be able to work past the fifth inning, so Willie doesn’t have to put Heilman in to "boost up his confidence."

Aaron Heilman: He’s on his way back. He’s only allowed 4 earned runs in his last 10 outings, lowering his ERA to a 4.66 before today’s doubleheader. He’s gaining his conifdence back bit by bit. He’ll put putting up Heilman-esque numbers (circa 2006-2007) soon enough.

Who’s Not
Mets offense: This is why Figs and Pelf don’t fall in this category. Okay, so the offense stepped up big time on Wednesday; however, they need to put on performances like that every day and not just when they do good against a certain pitcher (this type of offense, however, is welcomed and appreciated next weekend).

Carlos Beltran: Strike 3…and again and again. He probably looks at Strike 3 more than any player I have ever seen. If he’s going to strike out, can he at least swing? I understand we have a pretty patient line-up, but swing when the count’s 3-0! His .218 average, 2 homers, and 13 RBI are nothing like the pre-NLCS Beltran. 

I would also like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all our Mets Moms out there! You guys rock!

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