Randolph Needs to Learn that Nice Guys Finish LAST

I have to. I just have to. I couldn’t sleep all night thinking about the mess that happened last night.  True, with few minor exceptions, the Mets bats were not awake until the latter part of the game, but the end result would have been enough to win or at least force extra innings and have a shot at winning had Heilman not loused things up again.  I blame Heilman for not pitching well.  But I also blame Willie for yanking Vargas so quickly. 

As Lee Mazzilli said on the post game show, it’s possible that Willie and Claudio had an understanding before the inning started that if he allows a base runner, he would be pulled. But why even stir that notion?  He walked a guy and he was taken out.  Heilman gives up the go-ahead run, walks a batter and then gives up a few more, and he remains in?  Earth to Willie.  Vargas should have been given an opportunity to get out of his own mess, if you want to call it that, since he pitched so brilliantly all night.  I think he earned that.  It’s sad that he didn’t get a win, but what’s even more sad is that he took the loss.

Heilman now needs to be used in situations that don’t matter – a blowout in either direction, etc. He needs to learn how to pitch again.  He needs to learn how to deal with the ups and downs of the game.

Willie’s post-game addressing of the media needs an overhaul.  I don’t know why they even waste their time.  I’ll give the interview:  "So-and-so didn’t get the job done tonight… we left too many ducks on the pond… they’re a good team but we didn’t come out fighting tonight… blah, blah, blah!"  His lips are moving but I’m not hearing anything.  After a while, I just drown him out.  Eventually I flip the channel or use the picture-in-picture feature to minimize the hurt – literally and figuratively.

I love this team.  I love them so much, that it hurts me so much to say it, but the Mets are going nowhere this year.  I am not a pessimist.  I am not anything less than a die-hard fan and supporter.  But I am also not a moron and know when to admit the obvious.  I hope I am proven wrong.