Mets Losing Sight of the Real Deal

Alright already. Enough Willie-bashing. Enough clubhouse drama. Enough losing. Remember what you’re here for in the first place? To play baseball. To put on a show for the New York fans. To win a championship.

I just don’t get it – over the weekend, I saw something in this team that I didn’t see for a long, long time. I saw fire, drive, determination and passion. I saw excitement and an eagerness to play – and win. And then it was as if all of that passion and excitement hopped on the number 4 train and hightailed it right out of the Mets path, forgetting to transfer to the number 7 train to Flushing.

So what happens now? I mean, what could this team do differently that they aren’t already doing? Win more, maybe? So how do they do that?  Not the way they played yesterday, that’s for sure.

It boggles my mind how the Mets could clobber the Yankees in consecutive days (which was awesome, don’t get me wrong) and then lose to the Braves twice in one day. How could this lineup that the Mets have manage three runs against the Braves over 18 innings, after scoring eighteen runs against the Yanks in as many innings? To top it all off, they made Tom Glavine look like CyYoung, which really gets me.  And then they can’t hit a lick against a guy who is making only his second Major League start. (Campillo, who?)  The at-bats were horrible all day, with one 1-2-3 inning after another, and their attitudes lately just plain stink.

There are so many things that need improvement, I don’t even know where to start. But then, there are so many things that wouldn’t need improvement, if other things were different. For example, we keep hearing about Pedro’s and El Duque’s absence. But even when the Mets got quality performances last week from Claudio Vargas and Mike Pelfrey, they still couldn’t manage to score runs and win. So the theory of a lack of good starting pitching wouldn’t exist if the team would hit the way they are capable of.

I have to be honest, I don’t look as forward to watching games as much as I used to. I find that while the TV is on and tuned into SNY, I am bouncing around doing other things, not very interested in anything but the final outcome. Sad, isn’t it? Maybe I, too, am losing sight of the real deal.

PS…Kudos to Willie for apologizing for the "unecessary distractions he caused over the past few days…" on Mike & the Maddog today on WFAN.  He ultimately handled this entire situation with class and with decency.