Hot as Fire or Cold as Ice?

Welcome, Mets fans, to another edition of Hot or Not! Usually, this list is put into three categories: the players who are doing so amazingly well, the players who I feel are doing better than they were the week before, and the players who are slumping and could do a lot better (or the players who blow games in the bottom of the 13th). This week, I feel this list only needs two categories: the Hot and the Not. So lets get started:

Scott Schoeneweis: He isn’t getting enough credit. I feel that we are focusing so much energy onto what Aaron Heilman isn’t doing, that we don’t see what Scotty is doing: he currently has a 1.53 ERA in 17.2 IP. It seems like Willie is using him as he’s supposed to be used this year (a lefty specialist) and the experience has been nothing but a positive one for the man we booed Opening Day. Plus he hit Larry Jones, my least favorite player ever.

Oliver Perez: He pretty much shut down the Yankees. The Rockies? Not so much, but he still kept us in the game, which means he did his job. Hopefully, he does a better job with his control and the Ollie of 2007 shines through in the end.

Anyone not named Schoeneweis or Perez: Since I can’t pick one or two people, I’m calling out the whole team! Our starters manage to keep the games close; however, neither the offense of the bullpen comes through for them. I don’t know what hurt more: Aaron Heilman letting off the winning run in the 13th or Luis Castillo striking out with the bases loaded. All the blame is going to come down on Willie because he runs the "show." He needs to step up and be a leader on his team because if he won’t, Jerry Manuel will. Thanks Jerry.

Luis Castillo: Okay, so I really had to say something about this guy. He currently holds a .260 average, which is about 30 points below his career average. He strikes out with the bases loaded, he grounds into double plays, he fumbled the Mark Texieira grounder that would have been the third out. And you’re telling me we have three more years with this guy? Say it ‘aint so Omar!

Well, Mets fans, that’s just what I think. I still have faith that they can turn things around, but it’s getting harder and harder for me to believe that they will. As Mets fans, we’ve been through worse and this is just another chapter in our history. The true fans will shine through in the end. What do you think Mets fans? Was I right to call out the entire team? Is there someone you would say is doing better than the rest?

Ya gotta believe! Lets go Mets!

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