Decision 2008 – America Decides This Weeks Metsy

Yet another Monday has come and followed a weekend series where the Mets have taken 2 out of 3 games from an opponent and as a result I have a little more spring in my step today. It was nice to see Carlos Beltran have a good day, he certainly was due for one. Maybe the pink bats and equipment the Mets used should be the unofficial new colors this season… that is, if they can continue to hit like that. All kidding aside, the Breast Cancer Awareness and celebration of Mothers Day that the equipment symbolized was great. It’s a real nice touch by MLB and a really unique idea to boot. It also gives Alex Rodriguez a chance to wear his favorite color. ”Disabled list or not, I can still look fabulous!”


In keeping with my promise from last week’s blog, I want YOU, our loyal Mets Merized readers, to vote for who you think should win this weeks “Metsy”.


Will it be John Maine, who came within 2 outs of a complete game? Ryan Church, who continues to be solid? Maybe Carlos Beltran who reminded us why he is one of the best all around players in the game? Or finally, will it be Ollie Perez… nevermind, I’m still stinging from his last stinker… nice game yesterday though Ollie!


Just leave a comment on who your choice is and why. I’m interested in reading the diverse opinions because diversity is what makes Mets fans great… that and tons of patience. Especially when it comes to rising hot dog and knish prices…


Satish Ram, a frequent Mets Chatter contributor weighed in with his pick for "Monday’s Metsy"…


Carlos Beltran – Within the past 2 days, Carlos had knocked in 8 runs off 5 hits, and also drawn 2 more walks. Three of those hits were extra base hits (Double,Triple,Homerun) He’s reflecting the Beltran that hit .280 and hit 41 HRS for the Mets in 2006. If he keeps it up, he’ll probably approach his 30+HR/100 RBI plateau. But recently, he’s shown a stroke unmatched by the other Mets. Beltran’s career stats show he bats .227 in May through July. So it’s worth noting that this may just be a short streak, or Beltran may just be on the road to a great year.

With yesterdays win the Mets are now 3 games behind the “Fishies” for first place in the N.L.East, tied with the Phillies. I’m starting to wonder if Florida is for real, or will they finally sputter out as predicted? Make no mistake, with Jimmy Rollins back at short and supposedly healthy, the Mets are gonna have their hands full. One thing is for certain… the season’s just getting warmed up and there’s lots of baseball left to be played! Oops, wait a second… that AND Roger Clemens is a meatball with legs, so that makes TWO things for certain. Sorry, had to get my daily Clemens dig in there.


By the way, today’s blog is dedicated to three very special female Mets fans who also happen to be wonderful mothers… my friends Priscilla and Patty who recently converted, and lastly, my mother Denise who passed away in 2001. I know she’s rooting for her Amazin’s from glory! I hope everyone has a great day and I’ll see y’all on the flip flop!

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