Willie Randolph Is Afraid Of Carlos Delgado

At least that’s what Joe Benigno of WFAN says. This morning after his opening monologue, he made a good case for his assertion.

Why did Willie Randolph go out of his way to burn up Jose Reyes after the Cubs finale regarding the play where he threw the ball home and got an out?
Reyes might have been able to go for the double play, but he played it safe instead and threw the ball home and got the sure out and prevented a run from scoring. If Jorge Sosa didn’t serve up a meatball to Ronny Cedeno, the inning would have been over. Case closed.

Did Jose Reyes really deserve the wrath of Willie Randolph when at least he made the play and got out?

It seems like Willie Randolph has no problem picking on Jose Reyes, and yet he never utters a word to Carlos Delgado. In that same game, Delgado committed what I thought was an even bigger gaffe than that of Jose Reyes and yet Willie simply passed it off as a missed opportunity and a bad judgment call.

A bad judgment call? That wasn’t bad judgement… it was poor execution and a lack of basic fundamentals. The bad judgment call was that of Reyes because he had a choice of throwing home or throwing to second. Carlos Delgado had no such choice. Carlos Delgado failed to field his position and allowed the inning to continue.

Did we really need Willie to get back inside of Jose Reyes’ head just when he was starting to have fun again?

Why doesn’t Willie ever lay down the law with Delgado or any of the other veterans for that matter?

It seems like Oliver Perez and Jose Reyes are the objects of Randolph’s ire and he never misses an opportunity to discipline them either in clear view of the cameras or through the press.

Some may say he disciplines his veterans in private inside the clubhouse. If that’s true then why have a double standard? The fact is there has never been any evidence that Willie Randolph has disciplined Delgado for not running ground balls out which he frequently does.

Maybe Benigno is right… Maybe Willie Randolph is afraid of Carlos Delgado. It certainly would explain a lot…

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