Top 10 Reasons You Know It’s Going To Be A Long Season

10. Carlos Delgado finally hits his first homerun, and the Homerun Apple gets stuck half way up.
9. Scott Schoeneweis is booed when he enters the game, and cheered as he leaves the game.
8. The hot dogs are the same price but now they are an inch shorter.
7. Mr. Met slips on a discarded Lastings Milledge baseball card that was still in the team set at the souvenir stand.
6. Luis Castillo is complaining of sore surgically repaired knees and leaves the game in the 4th inning.
5. Mrs. Luis Castillo calls bank in the 5th inning to make sure that the $8 million dollar check she just deposited did not bounce.
4. El Duque who is still in sunny Florida, returns to New York for the Opener but only to get an MRI on his aching foot.
3. You find out that the Wilpons have secretly carted in Old Milwuakee and are passing it off as Budweiser.
2. Mayor Bloomberg gets cheered and the manager gets booed on Opening Day.
1. You hit Chase Utley four times and not only is he still standing, but he still manages to beat you.

I enjoyed coming up with those… hee hee hee…

I don’t know about you guys, but I just love reading quotes, especially when a team is riding very high or struggling. All of a sudden players, coaches, everyone has something to say. There was plenty of good quotes after yesterday’s Mets Home Opener.  

Bob Klapisch of the New York Post – "By the end of the afternoon, a familiar, sickly feeling had descended upon the ballpark, at least to those who’d bothered to hang around. Outside, thousands of fans already were in their cars on the Grand Central Parkway, having had enough of the old ballpark and, yes, the same old Mets." (Mets fans are very smart. If you don’t hit that GCP early you’ll be sitting there for hours.)

Jimmy Rollins – "Last year, when I said we’d beat the Mets, I meant it. There was no doubt we were one of the elite teams. This year we have a chance to win 100 games; that’s the type of team we have. Once our bullpen gets situated, we’re going to win 100 games." (I think 90 games is more like it.)

David Wright – "We’re just not getting it done with runners in scoring position and especially not getting it done with runners in scoring position and two outs. This is a test, and we’re failing that test. This city expects winners and expects us to play good baseball, and we’re not playing good baseball. There are some things we need to fix pretty soon to compete with the best teams in the National League"  (David must be reading Mets Merized again.)

Billy Wagner – "When they come here, they bring it. They show up and they play great. That’s what we have to do." (Hey, that’s exactly what I wrote yesterday…)

Rick Peterson – "Is it disappointing not to have a plumber when your pipes are leaking? It is not good to have your pipes leaking and all that is available to you is your electrician." (Like I said, we need a new pitching coach.)

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