The Great American Pastime

Now that Spring Training is in "full bloom", I thought it would be fun to take a look at the differences between the game that our beloved Metsies play versus the other three major sports – football, basketball and hockey.

"Tick-Tock, there is no clock!"  Baseball is the only sport not controlled by a time clock.  If it takes them a half hour or two hours to play one inning, that’s what it is.  Possession does not change until three outs are made.

"D-FeNcE!"  Baseball is the only sport where the defense has the ball.

"You’re out! No, wait, you’re in!"  I know that football and hockey players take constant physical beating, and basketball is constant running back and fourth, which is I guess why baseball is the only sport where once a player is removed from a game, their day is over.  They cannot return to the same game.

Harsh penalties.  Baseball players don’t sit out an inning for bad behavior.  They get warnings and ejections, that’s it! No penalty box, etc.

"3,4,4,9"  No, it’s not one of those "Which comes next in the sequence?" questions.  Hockey has three periods, football and basketball have four quarters, and baseball has nine innings.

"There’s no overtime in baseball!"  It’s extra innings.  Same concept, different lingo.

Who’s in charge here?  Baseball is the only sport where the head honcho is a "manager".  In all the other sports, a head coach runs the team.

Did I miss anything?  I’d love to hear your ideas…