Monday Mets Minutes

I can’t believe it.  The first televised Spring Training game is only 4 days away.  SNY will be televising from Tradition Field in Port St. Lucie at 1pm this coming Friday as the Mets take on the Cardinals..  And what a coincidence that Johann Santana will be making that start.  I am anxious to see him, and the rest of our team in a live game for the first time since the fall of ’07. 

So what’s cookin’ down south?  Duaner Sanchez made his first throws to live batters today in an intrasquad game.  The Mets vs. the Mets.  He went one innning, giving up 2 hits, no earned runs, 1K, 1 BB, and threw 26 pitches.  The best part is that he threw all of his pitches and rumor has it that his change up was outstanding. 

El Duque may not be ready for the first month of the season.  But even if he isn’t, with all the off days early on, the Mets may choose to go with a four-man rotation to start the season.  Or if they prefer, they can use Pelfrey as the fifth starter until El Duque is ready.

The confidence level of this team is, well, motivating. Everyone knows what they have to do and how to do it.  This team knows that the fans still believe in them, but even still, they know they cannot let us or themselves down again.  We expect nothing less than going all the way.

An SNY poll during Mets Hot Stove Live tonight asked the fans how many games they expect the Mets to win this year.  Fifty-four percent of the viewers said 96+ games.  Forty percent said between 91 and 95 games.  Want my opinion?  Well, I’m gonna give it to you anyway.  If everyone stays healthy and performs at their best abilities, Carlos Beltran (NOT Jimmy Rollins) will be absolutely right with his pick for the team to beat.