Holy Wrecking Ball, Batman, This Guy Has Nasty Stuff!

Well, happy almost end of the week to everybody! Once again, an uneventful week in the world of major league baseball.  I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m getting pretty sick of hearing about who the front runner for Johan Santana is.


I think SI.com has an article at least 3 times a week about it. I just want to tell the Twins to make up their minds already. They have to do something in my opinion because he has made it clear that he won’t stay for what they’re offering… We ALL know the Twins aren’t going to pony up the dough to have a shot so they better do something quick.


The only bright side to this whole mess, is it got me interested in seeing what all the fuss over this guy is about. I know all about the awards and stuff, but admittedly had not seen him pitch outside of the ESPN Sports Center highlights.. After watching this 17 strikeout video of him against Texas, I’m sold.


The guy has nasty stuff! Plus the video is set to “Crazy Train”, so that never hurts on the cool scale. I can’t help but picture him in orange and blue…


The other plus is it looks like the Mets aren’t going to try and force another slogan down our throats this season. If I have to hear “Amazin’ Again!” or “The Magic Is Back!” one more time I might be sick. We really just want to see the team play ball and do it competitively. True blue fans don’t need gimmicks, we’re already hooked. You know we are die- hard when after all the years of disappointment, we’re still around. Kind of like Red Sox fans, only with a few decades less heartache. Instead, we’ll be bombarded with reminders of Shea waiting for the wrecking ball. Thanks for the reminder that our childhood “ Graceland ”(for lack of a better word) is on death row. Nice. Real nice.


I realize that stories in MLB are limited this off season, minus the whole steroid thing. So I just really want Spring Training to start ASAP! We really need something better to write about besides Barroid and Roidger. Anyone else broken out their glove or swung a bat yet? This may sound stupid to most but I have already been making sure my batting gloves fit again and taken a few swings on the hit-a-way outside. Although stupid may be too strong a word to use, more like obsessed! Stupid in my estimation, is reminiscent of a situation Batman and Robin once got themselves in after leaving the Batmobile parked outside of Yankee Stadium…


Robin: “BATMAN!”

Batman: “Yes Robin?!”

Robin: “Didn’t we park the car…here?”


Hope he had a GPS on that utility belt…


Anyway, hope y’all have a great day! Don’t work too hard…

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