Three Reasons to Keep Jose Reyes

In a stunning development Wednesday, a blockbuster deal involving the Mets, the Twins, and the Athletics was proposed. The deal would send Jose Reyes to the Athletics and Johan Santana would be a Met. Like most of Mets Nation, I would love to have Johan Santana, but we need to keep Jose Reyes for these three reasons:

1.) Jose Reyes is a proven star. This deal would most definitely go down as arguably the worst trade in Mets history because Jose is an established All Star. He is among the fan favorites and this hypothetical trade would put Omar at the level of the brothers Steinbrenner. Dealing Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano is 1000% different from trading Reyes because who knows if Kazmir would have performed for the Mets? Sure, he performs great in a smaller market, but how would he have done at Shea?

2.) Jose Reyes brings something special to the Mets. In 2007, Jose stole 78 bases, more than five MLB teams combined. He also broke the previous Mets record. Having young players like Jose Reyes and David Wright gives the Mets something unique that other teams don’t have: speed. The Mets stole 200 bases last year. Trading away Reyes would deprive us of 78, or even more, stolen bases.

3.) Johan Santana is a free agent after the 2008 season. Okay, you can say here that the Mets would sign Santana to an extension in the middle of the season because you are totally right. And you could even say that the Mets would have no problem affording Johan Santana’s salary because again, you are right. We have Jose Reyes under contract for three more years. He will only be 27 when his current contract expires. Johan Santana, at 29, would demand upwards of 6 or 7 years and possibly $200 million when his contract expires. Again, you may disagree with me on this one, but who knows how long Johna Santana will be a dominant pitcher? Offering A-Rod (or Reyes) a 10 year contract is different from offering Johan Santana a 6-7 year contract because pitchers tend to wear out quicker. When a position player wears out, at least they still have a career as a DH in the American League.

Trading Jose Reyes would be a travesty to this team. Not only would we have a void at shortstop (Face it, nobody can replace Jose Reyes), we would also be without that catalyst in out lineup. I seriously hope Omar makes the right decision.

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