The Sunday Papers: Haren, Wright, And Yes, More A-Rod

Kevin Kernan of the Post, had an interesting article in which he makes a strong case for going out and trading for the A’s Dan Haren.

Pitching is the root of the Mets’ problem. They do not have the young arms in their system that the Yankees have. They have not overpaid to get the best arms in the draft and as a result no young starter stands out.

Kevin Mulvey is the best of the Mets minor leaguers and will help, but he cannot be compared with Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes or even Ian Kennedy at this point.

The Mets have talented young outfielders and need to deal one to beef up the pitching. There is an American League pitcher out there who actually topped Santana in a number of categories and could be had for the right price.

That pitcher is Dan Haren.

I’ve wanted to see Dan Haren on the Mets ever since the first time I heard his name linked to a Mets trade rumor last December.

Yesterday, MetsBlog had an interesting quip about how shocked Chipper Jones was when he found out that David Wright had won a Gold Glove. Today, our friend Mark Hale, gives us Wright’s response. Here are Chippers remarks, followed by David’s reaction…

"When I found out [Wright won] I was speechless, for quite some time," Jones said. "Certainly the guys with the least amount of errors and best fielding percentage quite obviously didn’t win it."The report also quoted Jones as saying, "I wouldn’t have been disappointed had someone like [Pedro] Feliz or [Aramis] Ramirez won it. I’m a little confused by the final tally – that’s a head-scratcher for me."

Wright wasn’t exactly devastated by Jones’ comments. While talking to The Post yesterday, the Mets’ third baseman said he paid no attention to Jones’ remarks.

"Chipper Jones plays for the Braves," Wright said. "Honestly I could care less. I respect what Chipper does in this game. I respect Chipper as a player. But what he says to the papers doesn’t mean anything to me personally.

"I don’t take anything he says to heart. Obviously I think I can be better defensively. There’s no doubt about it. But I have a Gold Glove, and that’s the bottom line, and that’s something I’m very proud of, and I feel like I’m getting better and better defensively, and obviously managers and coaches have seen that."

Finally, Bill Madden of the Daily News joins the Anti A-Rod fray with some interesting points I haven’t read already a million times.

Wilpon, as much as any owner in baseball, has placed a high priority on team players and image. Why then would he go against all of that and bestow an industry-busting contract on A-Rod, who in the past year became a national embarrassment to the Yankees with his strip club capers and whose wife paraded around Yankee Stadium wearing a profane T-shirt?

And with Boras demanding a 10-year contract, with the enticement of A-Rod chasing the home run record over the final couple of years, at what position would he be playing at age 41 and 42 for the Mets? Insane as paying a player $30 million at age 42 might be, it is at least somewhat more palatable for an American League team with the benefit of the DH.

Personally, I have my own reasons as to why I want the Mets to stay clear of A-Rod. Chief among those is that he is a liar and has no respect for the game.

He said how he wanted to be a Yankee for life, but not only opted out the first chance he got, but had his agent Scott Boras (the antichrist) tell the Yankees it would cost $350 million dollars to talk to A-Rod on the phone.

He showed an utter lack of respect for the game by dishonoring the Fall Classic and Hall of Famer Hank Aaron. When asked if he would come to his own award presentation for winning the Hank Aaron Trophy, during the pre game ceremony of Game 4 of the World Series, he said he had made plans a month ago that he couldn’t break. A month ago?? So let me get this straight, sometime in September, A-Rod made plans for Game 4 of the World Series while he was still in a pennant race? That’s a bold face lie. Whatever those plans were, it didn’t stop him from upstaging the World Series with word that he was opting out.

If there is a player in this game who is less deserving of being a Met, I’d really like to know who it is.

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