Omar Minaya Should Be Judged Fairly On The Merits Of His Job Performance

If there is a more divisive topic of conversation among Mets fans these days, none is more divisive than Omar Minaya’s job performance.

In a recent poll of 560 voters, 46% of Mets fans did not believe the Mets would win a World Series with Omar Minaya as the GM. Wow, that number is way too high in my opinion. Now all of you know by now, that we are not apologists for the Mets organization. As our slogan says, we are the "Fair and Balanced" Mets Network.

I believe in expressing my opinions openly and honestly, and at times this past year, I’ve taken my pot shots at Omar. We have no connections or ties to the New York Mets, and we can speak freely here about what moves we like or don’t like. I was completely against the Brian Bannister  and Heath Bell trades, from day one. I gave Omar a big fat "C" when we did our off season report cards last year. I thought the Guillermo Mota signing was brutal. I also said that the Scott Schoeneweis signing was a great move, hey nobody’s perfect.

Yesterday during Omar Minaya’s conference call, he said a lot of things about a lot of different topics.

All I was interested in, was what he had to say regarding his plans for the off-season. With regards to getting a top pitcher he said.

"If you’re going to trade for pitching in this market – with the way pitching is right now – you’re going to have to part with some premium guys. Our premium prospects are very well liked. We could be players in some of the pitching that might be traded. We’re always talking to clubs, we talk on a daily basis. We’ll get a deal done.”

It’s exactly what I wanted to hear, and I hope he really means it this time.

Now, back to my point…

Many of the fans who have a dislike for Omar have this fixation that Omar bases many of his decisions on race. I implore those of you who believe this to be true, to please listen to reason. The notion that race plays any part in Minaya’s decisions is outlandish, unfounded and borders on character assassination.

Would any of these conspiracy theorists have had any problem if the Mets traded for Johan Santana?

Are the Steinbrenner’s racists as well being that the only significant moves so far this off season centered around Bobby Abreu, Alex Rodriguez, Jorge Posada, and Mariano Rivera?

I thought is was very sad that almost half of my comments on myspace regarding the Luis Castillo post, all referred to the majority of Hispanic players in the starting lineup, rather than genuinely being happy that the Mets re-signed the top available second baseman in free agency.

The only racists I see are the fans who choose to look at the teams moves based on race rather than the merits of the individual player. Nobody had a problem when the Mets signed Pedro Martinez and Carlos Beltran, who were both the best players available at their positions at the time.

But then, certain radio and newspaper personalities decided that they had nothing better to do than to perpetuate a horrible assault on the character of Omar Minaya. It was low blow, and an irresponsible and reprehensible act that was perpetrated on a fan base that was once united and proud.

It is so sad that even in 2007, we still have to deal with bigotry, racial intolerance, and ignorance. Is anybody curious as to what percentage of minorities are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan while we sit heard and read and write about the Mets? The results may astound you…

I think Omar Minaya is a great guy and a good general manager. I think he had a rough off season last year, but I also think he was the first one to admit it. I am rooting for Omar this off season. I want to see him restore some of the shine that wore off of him. I hope that this ridiculous notion that his moves are based on race will not keep him from going after guys like Johan Santana or C.C. Sabathia. If we don’t go after them, our rivals certainly will.

Luckily, this unfair argument has not affected Omar from doing what he thinks is best for the team. Let’s keep it that way.

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